We are seeing a 20 percent growth in new customers for our clients. Just think about how that 20 percent increase could help with equipment purchases, shop upgrades or even your bottom line.

Why should you choose AP?

There is a guy named Matt Winslow and if you do alignments in your shop the name might ring a bell, think "Wintoe." He works for a company called Automotive Training Institute (ATI), the largest consulting company for our industry. Matt is currently using our websites in the ATI weekend “boot camps” and in the marketing module of the owner's classes as the example of “the only automotive websites I've seen that don't suck!” Matt isn't the most sensitive guy, but it's hard to beat that kind of endorsement.

After building the website for Motor Vehicle Pro, one of the best shop management systems on the market, they are currently seeing a 20 percent growth in new customers. Just think about what you could do with that extra 20 percent - equipment purchases, shop upgrades, new hires, or just a bigger number at the bottom of the sheet every month.

Our solution is simple - we design it right, build it right and market it right. At Automotive Presence, we don’t charge you for packages full of services you don’t want or need and we won’t rope you in for a monthly fee for the rest of your life. AP will analyze your location and market and then make recommendations, but in the end you only purchase what you want. We treat you the same way you treat your clients.