Pricless Towing

We were wrong! We didn't think we needed a website. We tow cars so what could a website do for us?  Most people don't like us by default. We either tow their car because it's broken or they parked where they weren't supposed to park. As a general rule, people are already mad when we meet them. The difference since our website launched is amazing. The people aren't really any happier but they are a lot more friendly and understanding towards us.

We are heroes! They look at our drivers and thank them for being there to start the solution to their problem. Even relocation customers are more understanding. The website clearly explains why they were towed so they have a chance to digest it before they ever come to our office to retrieve their vehicle.

Life is easier now and we are more appreciated so what more could you ask for?  AP gave us a great price to make us look like the professionals we are … not like the guy with no sleeves from “The Dukes of Hazzard.”


Automotive Presence redefined towing!

Jamey Himes, Manager
Priceless Towing

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