Motor Vehicle Pro

Motor Vehicle Pro is a company providing shop management software to independent repair facilities and tire stores. We are based in the metropolis of Utah. Need I say more?  Since we don't exist near any major market and have a relatively small sales team, it was imperative that we have a great web presence. 

I talked to several developers and even considered building a site myself. After hearing what Automotive Presence would do for my company at the cost they proposed, I couldn't say no. They are incredibly reasonable. I had quotes up to $15,000 from companies in L.A. and Seattle.

AP even went so far as to incorporate screen shot videos so my potential clients could get a short tutorial of our software. I also get an email anytime someone looks at the videos. So I know who hits the site, how many pages they look at, and their information so I can contact them.

AP Rocks!

Bill Talbott

launch live preview