Johnsons Automotive Service

At Johnson's Automotive Service (JAS), we have had a website since 2001. For that time period, it was pretty good. We made a BIG mistake. We just let it ride. We noticed a drop in new clients so I decided it was time to bring the website up to today’s standards. I happened to know a web designer (the guy that runs the design department of Automotive Presence). I called him and in two weeks I had the site we use now.

JAS is located in a college town. Our website gives the parents of college students an image of us that they will more than likely never see. Don't get me wrong, we are the BEST, but mom and dad back in the suburbs think that our town is full of hillbillies and hayseeds. The website that AP created for us is better than what they see in Chicagoland.

Eighty-five percent of our new clients find us on the Internet. They do a search (usually on Google), then check out the websites of the shops they are interested in. We are getting a huge response. Once they come in it's our job to keep them, which is not a problem.

Thanks AP
Chris Czak, Service Manager
Johnson's Automotive Service, Inc.

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