What would an extra 20% do for you? Motor Vehicle Pro found out.

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Do you know what your customers are saying about you?

If you dont, you should.

Google Places


Johnson's Automotive Service got a fresh, clean look in all the right places.

Getting it done, online.

Johnsons Automotive Service


We tend to let our work speak for itself...

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Automotive Presence Projects


Roberts had a bland, non-personal website. They got it cheap.

see what they have now.

Automotive Presence Projects

Do I really need a better website?

Are you kidding me? Being a shop owner, I find that 85 percent of my new clients are finding me via the Internet. Google is the new Yellow Pages so why would you pay hundreds of dollars a month for something that sits in a drawer?

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Why should you choose AP?

There is a guy named Matt Winslow and if you do alignments in your shop the name might ring a bell, think "Wintoe." He works for a company called Automotive Training Institute (ATI), the largest consulting company for our industry.

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Our approach to your new website

We don't believe in showing how many pieces you can tear a car apart into, and don't recommend showing pictures of your shop, unless it looks like the Taj Mahal. We want to help you show your potential clients the people that represent your already...

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